@sheeramusic. Artist. Humanitarian. Los Angeles.

“I am an American of mixed heritage, part Greek, Spanish, Russian and Persian. I was raised in Northern California.  Although I have been singing and playing guitar and piano since I was a child, my greatest passion has been writing and performing my original songs. My songwriting started when I wrote my middle school graduation song, and since then I have written over 50 songs. After performing at local venues, my music caught the attention of some well-known producers and has been played on top 40 radio stations; I am thankful for over 1 million downloads on Soundcloud and other platforms.  My greatest interests in songwriting and the broader aspirations within my musical career are to spread awareness and increase compassion about topics that are sometimes too hard to discuss. I was inspired by the lives of my friends to create songs which described their stories and struggles. One of my most popular songs was “Where Are You Now” which dealt with feelings of alienation and isolation that many teenagers experience.  Through music I want to give hope with songs such as ”A Better Place” and “One Day at a Time”, I hope to shed light on young people struggling with depression.  My song “We’re Here” gives a voice to youth concerned with gun violence.  My newest two songs “Love Me Damaged” and “Sad” are about acceptance of everyone, no matter what their personal challenges have been.  I would like to use music to impact cultural and social change. I hope my music helps others through their struggles and uplifts them.  I was raised in a home where community service is not just something you do occasionally, it is an integral part of who I am. My mother is an advocate for underprivileged children who founded a non-profit that has shipped millions of dollars of aid to children orphaned or displaced in war or disasters.  Since pre-school, I have helped her pack boxes of supplies and aid packages. I have volunteered in numerous shelters, founded a charity that distributes supplies to homeless children, tutored math for foster children, and organized hygiene kits for homeless families.  I am also am passionate about stopping human trafficking.” @sheeramusic #artist


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