Louise Alice. London, UK. @louisealice.uk

“I was born in Yorkshire and live in London.  My heritage is Irish, and my father was born in Cork. Traditional story telling and folklore are big inspirations to me. As a girl I would sit and listen to my fathers short tales of life and thats partially what inspired me to start interviewing people as a videographer and set me off on the road to writing acoustic music. My current project work is in videography, communications strategy for human rights focused organisations, music and media. I am driven by my own desperation to understand this world, and walk it with advocacy in my fingers and a heart that cries.  My tools on this journey include a camera, a voice I’m still finding and a notebook. But my power and energy is born from the people I meet along the way. If I can make a change by giving a strong and confident voice to myself and others then the day has been worth it.  I used to be the quietest person you would ever meet. I had no self confidence at all. At school I never fitted in. But I always dressed outlandishly and did creative things, I collaborated with photographers across the UK from a young age. I took risks to be who I am now and I made mistakes and sacrifices, but without a doubt I would not of experienced the life I have if I’d gone down a traditional rout and I doubt I’d have the people around me that I do now. (I’m releasing my EP early next year!) I’m passionate about supporting the young people stepping forward with projects to support the achievements of the United Nations SDG’s for 2030.  I’ve recently been working on materials around the global campaign to end child marriage, and I support social equality focused organisations.” #artist #london #creative #music photo cred: @renaitreborn


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