Rachel Hatley. Brighton, UK. @rayofstyle

“I originally grew up in south London near Wimbledon. As far as I’m aware my family have always lived in England although I’d really love to explore how far back my lineage goes. London was a fantastic area to grow up in as there was always lots going on. I moved to Brighton when I was 22 and haven’t looked back since. The culture and vibrant people here are incredible.  My drive comes from my passions. I adore writing and photography and always have since a young age. I use to write short stories as a child and filmed everything on my dads video camera. I’m lucky to have members of my family who also work in these professions too which has really helped. I’m a very driven person naturally and always want to create. The biggest challenge I’ve had to over come is probably overcoming my own thoughts. I can get stuck in one mind set easily and have to step back and see the bigger picture. This is a constant challenge that I’m getting better at working through as I grow older.  I’m a passionate feminist and do my bit for the environment in many ways. I think both those topics are incredibly important and I’ll always be the one to start a discussion on them.” 


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