Lea. Holland @leamuses

“I am an American mix of Irish & Dutch Caribbean.  I was born in Holland and raised in Boston and New York. Being a creative is like Alchemy. The beauty of making something out of nothing is a feeling That everyone should try. What drives me is the rush of seeing or hearing one of my creations come to life in print or on TV and the thought that “wow that was just a scratch a few months ago and there it is on the big screen!” I guess the rush of having influence on others in a positive way, connecting, sharing a sentiment in essence vibing together in a human experience.  Finding what I love was a slow process. It was always there but I never knew how to put it in words. I’m more of a “ let me show you” type of person. I used to make scrap books of photos I took with my disposable camera, and drawing, poetry. I loved to pretend that they were magazines.
I was a latchkey kid & only child. So I had to grow up fast. Struggled with abandonment issues, insecurity and fear of not being lovable. When I started dance and sports I built confidence. I got angry I fought back against the fears of not being enough. Junior year I won the class A State championship as a hurdler and discovered quickly that I am a fighter. Specifically being a hurdler became symbolic for the rest of my life in regards to facing challenges. I always find a way of approaching obstacles with a positive drive. I am passionate about climate change and rescuing the oceans and the Amazon from deforestation. I am a huge fan of the Bio architect Neri Oxman and her contribution to sustainable design. Using alternative materials to plastic such as milk and plant derived materials, to design for the future.” 


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