Arch. London, England. @archhades

“I was raised in Jersey, a small island in the English Channel. We still have our main family home there, but I live in London now.  My love… Literature. One life is often limiting. Books give me a place to go when I have to stay where I am. Literature stretches one’s imagination, enhances empathy and helps people feel less alone, regardless of what they are going through.  Apart from various private events, I’d say I share the same challenge everyone faces – the one of growing up and understanding who they are and who they want to be. We begin to live without knowing how to, so it’s important to try to understand the world and decide your place in it, before someone else decides for you. I know where I’m going now.  We all have two homes we must take care of – our minds and our planet. Currently, the human population is having a negative impact on the environment. It’s not enough to reduce, recycle, reuse – we must also innovate our way to sustainable, environmentally-friendly sources of energy. I believe fusion energy will deliver just that. Fusion is the future.”


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