Lorna Kerr. Mid Calder, Scotland. @gurl_on_the_hill

“I’m from Mid Calder, a village outside of Edinburgh in Scotland. In my early twenties I planned to move to Vancouver, but Scotland is and will always be my home. I have a daughter age 8. 
As a child my weekends were spent camping, hiking, skiing and anything outdoors. My parents were part of a mountaineering club and my Dad in the Scottish Mountain Rescue Team. Adventuring is in my blood and I knew from an early age the outside is where I’m happiest. But as I grew up and met my then husband I lost that passion. Everyday life took over. Looking back now, life eventually became mundane and I was missing something. I wasn’t unhappy I just wasn’t completely fulfilled. 4 years ago my passion was reignited during a mountain day. ‘Why did I ever give this up?’ I thought as the rush hit me once again. And so began a wonderful new journey which has led to so many incredible adventuring opportunities here in Scotland and abroad, working with some amazing international companies and inspiring others to get outside more. This is my life now. It’s who I am. It’s where I belong.  Being in the outdoors makes me appreciate the world. ‘Stuff’ becomes less important and I have a better understanding of the fine, delicate balance of nature and how important it is to preserve our world. Earlier this year my daughter and I embarked on a project to go a whole month completely plastic free. It was a brilliant learning opportunity; it highlighted just how much plastic we use as a society and how single use plastic is having such a detrimental effect on our globe. As a result we’re far more mindful in what we buy and use.”


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