Lana. Paris, France. @lanukki

“Originally I am half Russian, half Georgian. I was burn in Moscow, but now I live in Paris. I grew up in an international family. I think this cultural mix influenced a lot on my character.
I am an industrial designer. I did art all my life…it is a long story.  When I was little I loved to draw, but seriously I chose my profession at 15 years. I decided to become a designer because it is was the best way to improve the world. I do my projects for the future, for the better life of the people–I always think about ecology in my creations.

I think that the biggest challenge is my departure from Moscow for Paris. I dreamed to do it, but finally it is much more difficult then I imagined. When you change countries you change the way of your usual life. You try to express yourself in a foreign language, but even the jokes are different! You learn how to live in a new society with new traditions and another administrative system. But the same time, my departure gave me a lot of new experience, it opened my eyes that the world is so different! 
The main contemporary cause for me is ecology. Our planet is our house, but unlike a house–we can not have another one. We should think about what we leave to our descendants: the world, culture, and science. “


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