Kaya Peters. Dubai. @kayalovesu

“I am originally from the Netherlands, but I have lived in the Middle East for 7 years now. I love to make a difference by inspiring people. So far I have done that through Yoga and entrepreneurship. But I also have a massive love for fashion, which is why I have launched my own brand last year. Basically I am all about going for your dreams and never giving in to fear! I moved to the UAE 7 years ago without ANY money, contacts or visa, and built a 6 figure business on my own. I also have a very very traumatic family history but managed to come out on the other side thriving. I have overcome a lot of very difficult things in my life in order to become the person I am today. Humanitarian causes huh? Don’t you think humans are a cause in themselves. Humans struggle so much with their own minds. If I can help people find strength and inner peace, I am very satisfied. I don’t necessarily think we need to go to 3rd world countries to help people. People need help everywhere!” 


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