@hititwithhuda. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“I was born and raised in the States. I am from Texas but my origins are from Palestine  I love working out and living a healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel so good. My body feels amazing, I always have energy, it keeps my skin glowing and healthy and of course it keeps me in shape. As a teen I was over weight and tried every fad diet out there and my weight would just yo-yo until I finally figured out that I need to find something that’s sustainable and I slowly started getting into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. My favorite type of training is strength training but I do incorporate a-lot of cardio into my routine as well.  My biggest challenge in life is being a mother and trying to juggle everything and trying to keep everyone happy. Its hard working on something you’re so passionate about at the expense of spending time with my kids. I am currently studying to getting my level 3 PT certification and have had many busy weekends but I finish end of November! “


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