Fleur Randall. Oxfordshire, UK. @fleur_randall

“I’m from Oxfordshire countryside, not far from the city of Oxford. My brother actually took a DNA test to explore our family heritage and it’s such a mixture; Mediterranean, Portuguese, Irish, Scandinavian, English and more. My father was born in Germany and my mother was born in Ireland. 
I live with the belief that life is short, so you should live it as authentically as you can, treating those around you with the same love you desire. Essentially you should leave the world loved with your authentic stamp on it. 
My desire to live an authentic life drives me, following wherever my heart takes me. I love my life and my friends, even when it’s hard because the rewards are worth it. Losing important people to me and questioning my purpose came quite early in my life and helped me to strive to live a life I really wanted. 
The biggest challenge I’ve overcome: probably learning to live life with a chronic disease, whilst simultaneously working hard to break into the world of arts and moving to London at 18 – I didn’t know anybody in the city. 
I am always amazed by the work of médecins sans frontières, it’s not a charity that talks about their work without little evidence of making real human change; they are real people living to improve the lives of others. The people involved are real life angels and I couldn’t commend them enough.”


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